Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The bitter: Ralphie's moving to NYC right after the New Year and we are really going to miss him and his happy little dance moves.

The sweet: My daughter's moving into a real dog friendly apartment and little is sweeter than your kid reuniting with their dog after spending over a year apart.

(I drew this cartoon of Ralphie which does capture his always worried look and wagging anticipation. There really should be a slight jiggle in there somewhere in the hindquarters. I actually had a vintage overnight case that I painted "Brooklyn" on, just like in the drawing. Then I packed it well with his stuff and he was ready for his first big road trip.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Let the Holidays Begin...

Thanksgiving was nice. My favorite part is the kids. This year I let my three-year-old nephew take the photos. Here's his shot of the table that his older brother properly set for dinner, from the perspective of a three year old...

Two days later there was a surprise 50th birthday party. It was a success. Valerie was horrified as she walked into her kitchen to find people screaming at her from every dark corner. SURPRISE!...!! Seriously, once she settled into the idea, she had a great time and I’m certain she felt older the next day.

I helped with the invitations. I decided we should celebrate turning 50 with the color blue rather than that trite, black "over-the-hill" attitude (I think a really mean person came up with that theme). It’s really cool to feel the "getting older” blues - it brings on introspective thought while considering your options, then you smile and get on with your life. Turning 50 is just a really cool shade of blue.

Of course, the next morning came too soon. There was still another party to attend! We drove out to the country for Linda & Joe’s Annual Christmas Open House. Everyone raves about Joe’s great gumbo and then there’s Linda’s amazing art glass. Quite a variety of shiny and bright pretty objects for sale, I felt like a little bird being drawn to this, this, this, and... that!

This is just one of many interesting things Linda creates with glass. (See more at

All together a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
(Only five things would have made it perfect... visits by my two brothers, sister-in-law, nephew and of course, my daughter.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

And The Winning Poster Is...

Not mine.

Well, word's out on the streets as to the winner of the 2009 Soulard Mardi Gras poster contest and I don't mind sharing my place here to show that winning poster. The story I got is that the artist is a young woman bartender, working in Soulard, with many fans. Hey, it's pretty good and sexy pinup girls are in right now...

So this was my first art contest and I enjoyed the experience. Besides, I met another artist through this event, an illustrator with a charming style and shared concerns for our now kinder, gentler world. You can see her work here:

Oh, and watch for my poster available as refrigerator magnets someday soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Promise...

A promise is a promise, especially when made to your child. The most recent made to my daughter, was that I would post something each week on this blog site, which didn't seem to be asking too much. She simply supports my creative side.

But I am just too busy right now.

In the blink of an eye, my dance card is so full with work that I may not sleep again until January 8th. Work is coming in from all directions with no regards to the holiday season, but that's the publishing business. Besides, these are the days where no one turns down work.

So there's no time for creating blogable art this week. But with regards to my promise - I quickly pulled something from the past. I found these photos of some boxes we decorated that'll work. Looking at these takes me back to roughly this time last year. My daughter and I had spent many days with cheap wine, good music and shared stories as we decorated several wooden boxes with scraps from 50's & 60's encyclopedias and magazines. And glitter. Don't forget that glitter! The boxes were later sold in the 4th Annual Rock 'n Roll Craft Show. Well, most of them sold.

My promise is kept with recalling good times shared with my kid. Perfect.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My youngest brother is more powerful than Superman. He uses words to conquer the evils of our world!

Keep your eyes open for this guy. Seriously. (I drew him here, as he hovers outside his NYC apt.)


Love ya!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"My turn..."

Well, it's my turn to become unemployed again as my steady gig has gone south for the winter. Looking for a real job is sad as the ones that interest me just aren't interested in me.

Don't you wish you could just walk up to someone who seems a bit burnt out with their job, tap them on the shoulder and say "My turn!". This always crossed my mind each morning as I drove to my former corporate job by way of the park. I would pass by two museums each morning where their employees frowned sadly as they shuffled through the doors. I would think, "Trade places or retire to Florida!".

So yesterday, while multi-tasking through the classifieds, looping through telephone voice prompts, and revising the ol' resume - I doodled this duck. Then borrowed a clip from one of my vintage souvenir scarves to make this stamp. It's my attempt to channel in on some sample braille art I recently did for a job bid. Simple, strong vectored lineart for children's braille textbooks. I really would love to get that project.... and soon please!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We Choose the American Dream...

A brave and good man who will lead by example with hard work and integrity. Today, he's made us proud to be Americans again.

(This art is linked to that created and posted in Sept'08, titled as "A Perfect Fit...". This mask, "The American Dream On a Stick", was created back in 1991, while our bombs burst over the Gulf War. It's taken over 17 years to find it's perfect fit.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

And the winner is...

ME...?!!! Ohhh, hopefully it's me and Barack Obama!!!

The annual Soulard Mardi Gras 2009 poster contest deadlines tomorrow. Grand prize includes enough schwag to delight everyone this Christmas. The only criteria given was to include their star logo; it was not neccessary to follow this year's theme: "Soulard celebrates the history of the world".

So, I attempted to be clever with pulling together the Big Bang theory with Creationism and had fun going back in time to when I earned a living by coloring comic books. I can't tell if it works yet, but in my mind it's a definate political statement. But then, we're only three days to the election that's going to change the course of history and hopefully the winner is... US.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Girl Effect...

So it appears Blog Action Day '08 threw a party and everyone came! Last count was over 12,800 blogs from all over the world addressing the single topic of poverty. Powerful. They claim an audience of over 13 million - but actually about 50 of those were me. I spent the morning coffee time scrolling around as I found my way to the blogging artists' neighborhood. I had had little sleep and wanted pictures, few words to wake me up. Then I found what I was looking for. One simple suggestion of a solution. Simply done so very well...

The Girl Effect.... good, huh. Allowing the world to evolve through simply educating a girl. Wow.

A similar cause has been going on for over 60 years by a group called Heifer International (not limiting services to just girls.) In fact, I was given a heart warming gift last Christmas by my youngest brother-family. A flock of chicks were given to an impoverished family on my behalf. They now not only enjoy that perfect protein-filled food each day, but also share eggs within their village. Building sustainable communities. Wow.

It's just that simple.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day '08 - POVERTY...

You know, you just don't see babies like these in your wealthy neighborhoods. Parents in Haiti feed their children dirt to hush their hunger while parents in the USA are feeding their children empty calories because that's all they can afford. I drew this cartoon to show the effect of poverty with obesity and malnutrition.

Today is "Blog Action Day '08 - Poverty" created to address just one issue with a thousand voices, an annual nonprofit event, that sparks communication. It's refreshing, interesting and instrumental in allowing voices to be heard. Check this site for an amazing assortment of ideas on this topic.

Coincidentally, tomorrow is "World Food Day", marking the day, 45 years ago, that the United Nations created the Food and Agriculture Organization to address global hunger. Check out what they've been able to do, what they are doing today and what we all can do to ease this pain. No guilt. Just folks helping folks.

Oh, and did you hear that in order to help ease the escalating poverty problems, Robert DeNiro's new hotel, The Greenwich, is donating half the rates charged to stay in any of his $5000 - $15,000 per night rooms!..!! (Okay, I totally made that up as I can't comprehend any other reason for fifteen-thousand-dollars-per-night. Bobby call me - we gotta' talk.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Evolving Polar Bears...

Busy-busy! Living the life of a squirrel these days, staying as busy as possible, taking on more work than one can reasonably get done in a day. I'm storing up for the expected long, cold, grey winter daze ahead. So there is no new art to post here. None of my art that is...

But art is everywhere and always as a state of mind. With that said... the autumn winds are here, filled with political thoughts and the occasional protest.

Protesting may be passive or aggressive or passive-aggressive, or just go unfortunately unnoticed. Protesting can be written, impromptu, staged, huge or small. Protesting can also be a single solitary action. Just one lonely figure with a message can be art.

A friendly polar bear was hanging out across the street from last week's VP debate, held here in St. Louis. The art here lies in the fact many parents had some "expalining" to do...

This polar bear's simple message stood out in the middle of a recent rush hour traffic jam in Washington DC...

And this polar bear lives the indigent life of another homeless, out of work American as seen on the busy streets in DC, your town or mine... 

Seriously, the plight of the polar bear is horrible. They simply cannot evolve fast enough to compete with the changing environment. That is, evolve in a positive direction. Recent reports state they are resorting to cannibalism as they are literally starving as the reality of their world quickly disappears. Will the polar bears vanish from the face of Earth due to our changing environment - or because they've eaten each other? Leaving just one lonely polar bear, standing on a street corner somewhere with a sign. It's the cruelest of ironies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Perfect Fit...

Last week was spent dog sitting for some friends who live on the mighty Mississippi river. Their place is like living in a Van Gogh painting with a really great dog. Included were fabulous moonrises, intense sunrises and fresh raspberries any time of the day. It was just what I needed. Refreshing and sparking a memory or two...

Hanging on one of their walls was a mask I had made years ago. It was one of a few dozen handmade, one of a kind, made in an attempt to cash in on some Mardi Gras green- masks. Working with a dear friend, we worked for weeks trying to out-do each other with unique creativity and then would hit the streets hawking them to folks that were out celebrating Mardi Gras - St. Louie style. My apartment had become covered with confetti, glitter and feathers - everywhere, giving the look of an intense morning after (well, at least in my world).

Many masks and cascarones (confetti filled party favors) were made and sold, a few were given away; and not a lot of money was made. It was in fact, however, one of the best times I spent with my friend Nancy. She was an amazingly creative soul who believed that above all else you should laugh. Laugh hard and dance well. 

Then, today, while still reflecting on those days, I thought of how hard it seems to be for folks to laugh these days. Most the laughter I hear is directed towards comments made about the powers that are and will be controlling our country. There is a laughter but it's out of fear. We laugh out of disbelief and we laugh out of frustration. But it's not funny. Folks are getting angry. It is certainly one of the scariest times ever. 

Then I suddenly laughed a hard Nancy-laugh as I noticed the one mask I have left over works directly with the other in creating a rather remarkable statement. I quickly pulled together some digital scraps and the help from a couple of scrappy guys to help punctuate my point.

The result represents these grey days of decisions...  and it's a good fit guys!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tears and Fears...

The polar bear is the world's largest land predator. Males range from 775 to 1500 pounds, while the females maintain a svelt 330 to 550 zone. I read that they do scold their young for misbehaving with a slight scuff. They share their dinner and wag their tails when they want to play. They typically survive -40º weather for weeks at a time and swim over 60 miles in arctic water to feed upon seals lounging on floating sea ice. They bury themselves in the frozen ground to sleep it off and when they do wander around their frozen wilderness they may be shot dead at any time by trophy hunters in hired helicopters. 

The sea ice is quickly melting away. The permafrost is disappearing. The petition to save the polar bears was introduced over three years ago. Three months ago, polar bears were finally listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. Last month the Governor of Alaska sued to revoke this judgment. Three weeks later she accepted the Republican's position of understudy to the most powerful position in our country. 

Coincidence? Afraid not. I smell oil... again.

(While I drew this i had to stop to wipe away my tears - which made me wonder why we never see the animals cry.)

Friday, August 15, 2008

27 Years Ago Today...

After enduring over 40 hours of labor, I gave birth to my daughter. My beautiful little girl.

A few months later, I labored over this drawing of my daughter sitting with her poet of a daddy-o.  (Rusty and overworked portraits were my thing back then.)

Jump to twenty-two years later… when I labored over this painting of her all grown up. A rather remarkable young woman and my continued source of pride and inspiration.  

Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Choices... Music vs. Science

While working, I was trying to decide what to listen to on the radio... Bob's Scratchy Records is playing great eclectic music with an attitude and then there's Science Friday. Choices. So, I opted for the danceable one, the one with rockin' Beatles' haircuts (besides, I'm trying to teach my dogs to dance). We'll pod the science at 3am to keep us awake with intelligent hope through science. Hopefully.

More of my digital scraps have been recycled into today's art. I'll call it... "Science Fair Won".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Digital Scraps...

Do you recycle or just toss them away? The other day while working on the computer, I caught myself unconsciously planning the next steps, all based upon making the best use of each piece as I copied, cut and pasted. I'm too busy for this. They're scraps! DIGITAL SCRAPS at that!!! But I can reuse them. I live my life as green as possible and that apparently includes my life in the digital world.

This scrappy piece of art was made from 100% recycled digital scraps from previous works. I call it "Digital Litter"...

A side note regarding the revisions I last mentioned with last week's "Deadlines Should Remain Dead"... it became a major dose of deja vu. Yet another round of revisions were ordered which only proved folks seldom know what they want - but always know what they don't. Once they see it. The last 30 drawings made them fall in love with my work. I now have the entire project to do. With another tight deadline. Ah, work has... worked.

Friday, July 25, 2008

DEADLINES should remain DEAD...

Sometimes drawing on a tight deadline can be just the same as driving across Kansas in the middle of the night. Suddenly, your head jerks sharply, as you notice a long solid line running across your path. Hopefully you can hit "redo", pull over, and take a bit of a nap.

I had just completed a red-hot deadline when this drawing came to mind. I had just been informed all the instructions given to me were incorrect and the complete 28 drawings need to be redone. By Monday. Yes, I definitely saw the most intense, yet alarmingly beautiful shade of red.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhh... the Dog Days of Summer Have Arrived...

It was 104º heat index today with a slight breeze of 99 degrees. Air quality was listed as dangerous with warnings to stay inside. Sounds like a summer Sunday in St. Louis.

So I drew this picture of a woolen clad mule wandering the wilderness after a wicked winter storm. (whew.) Just because one day we may need pictures like this to explain winter and the wilderness to the young ones.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ralphie Does 4th of July...

Our celebration of Independence Day this year consisted of taking the dogs to the park to run independently off leash while the cats roamed the house independent of dogs. I pondered my independent dependence with drawing pictures for a living.

This is the art made that day...