Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Perfect Fit...

Last week was spent dog sitting for some friends who live on the mighty Mississippi river. Their place is like living in a Van Gogh painting with a really great dog. Included were fabulous moonrises, intense sunrises and fresh raspberries any time of the day. It was just what I needed. Refreshing and sparking a memory or two...

Hanging on one of their walls was a mask I had made years ago. It was one of a few dozen handmade, one of a kind, made in an attempt to cash in on some Mardi Gras green- masks. Working with a dear friend, we worked for weeks trying to out-do each other with unique creativity and then would hit the streets hawking them to folks that were out celebrating Mardi Gras - St. Louie style. My apartment had become covered with confetti, glitter and feathers - everywhere, giving the look of an intense morning after (well, at least in my world).

Many masks and cascarones (confetti filled party favors) were made and sold, a few were given away; and not a lot of money was made. It was in fact, however, one of the best times I spent with my friend Nancy. She was an amazingly creative soul who believed that above all else you should laugh. Laugh hard and dance well. 

Then, today, while still reflecting on those days, I thought of how hard it seems to be for folks to laugh these days. Most the laughter I hear is directed towards comments made about the powers that are and will be controlling our country. There is a laughter but it's out of fear. We laugh out of disbelief and we laugh out of frustration. But it's not funny. Folks are getting angry. It is certainly one of the scariest times ever. 

Then I suddenly laughed a hard Nancy-laugh as I noticed the one mask I have left over works directly with the other in creating a rather remarkable statement. I quickly pulled together some digital scraps and the help from a couple of scrappy guys to help punctuate my point.

The result represents these grey days of decisions...  and it's a good fit guys!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tears and Fears...

The polar bear is the world's largest land predator. Males range from 775 to 1500 pounds, while the females maintain a svelt 330 to 550 zone. I read that they do scold their young for misbehaving with a slight scuff. They share their dinner and wag their tails when they want to play. They typically survive -40ยบ weather for weeks at a time and swim over 60 miles in arctic water to feed upon seals lounging on floating sea ice. They bury themselves in the frozen ground to sleep it off and when they do wander around their frozen wilderness they may be shot dead at any time by trophy hunters in hired helicopters. 

The sea ice is quickly melting away. The permafrost is disappearing. The petition to save the polar bears was introduced over three years ago. Three months ago, polar bears were finally listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. Last month the Governor of Alaska sued to revoke this judgment. Three weeks later she accepted the Republican's position of understudy to the most powerful position in our country. 

Coincidence? Afraid not. I smell oil... again.

(While I drew this i had to stop to wipe away my tears - which made me wonder why we never see the animals cry.)