Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hoppy Halloween...

I made this card from one of my all time favorite photos taken of Franklin as a puppy lounging on one of Bob Cassilly's frog sculptures located in Lafayette Park. I have this photo as a series and am making cards of it to sell on Etsy. (Oh, and my ex, the photographer, shall remain none-the-wiser and clueless.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change...

Polar bears are the world's largest land predator. Males range from 775 to 1500 pounds, while females maintain a svelte 330 to 550 zone. I read that they do scold their young for misbehaving with a slight scuff. They share their dinner and wag their tails when they want to play. They typically survive -40ยบ weather for weeks at a time and swim over 60 miles in arctic water to feed upon seals lounging on floating sea ice. That is… on a good day.

The reality is their environment is literally melting away. This unnatural change means the polar bears can’t evolve quickly enough to survive without it. They are drowning while searching for sea ice. They are resorting to cannibalism as they fight from starving to death. Their malnourishment is causing low birth rates. They are sadly in serious danger of becoming extinct.

The plight of the polar bear is very real and should be our wake-up call.

Our climate is changing. And this is a REAL problem.

Your help is needed. Take action via International Blog Action Day 09…

Step 1. Sign the petition to address the U.S.A’s role with pollution

Step 2. Get involved by following any of their dozen of links to educate, inform and promote knowledge.

Step 3. Pay attention to the UN Climate Change Conference (Dec 7 – Dec 18, 2009)

(This is a recycled posting from 2008 - knowing I'm not the only one who tears up with concern.)